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How to Clean an Espresso Machine

Coffee is among the most used beverage. This is due to the fact that you will get individuals that take coffee from the time they get out of bed to when they go to sleep. The number of people that have been drinking coffee has been increasing each year. That is why when you visit the majority of the big towns you will get that a lot of coffee shops have been opened. It is for this reason that you ought to make every customer that comes to drink coffee at your coffee shop happy. In doing so, you will make these customers come back again. Likewise, they may help you in marketing your shop by referring it to their friend. Thus it is important that you make the effort to ensure that you always have a clean espresso machine. You should ensure that your espresso machine is cleaned each day after closing your shop. You will only take approximately 10 minutes to clean the espresso machine. In making this the espresso machine clean, you will ensure that it will run smoothly. Thus, your daily coffee shop activities will be able to run smoothly. A few of the steps that will help you to clean your espresso machine are talked over beneath.

Firstly, you can clean the espresso machine by scrubbing it, rinsing it followed by wiping it. It is important that you utilize a clean cloth that has been placed under hot water in cleaning the steam wands. This will be helpful as it will help you in removing any milk that may be stained on the steam wands. It is important that you clean the group heads with a coffee detergent and scrubbing pads. You ought to make sure that the detergent does not find its way into the internal parts of the machine.

In addition, you can decide to soak some of the parts of the espresso machine in coffee detergent. A few of the parts that you will be required to soak in the coffee detergent are the shower screens, group heads, and steam wands. The coffee detergent is used in conjunction with hot water.

In conclusion, you can decide to go with the option of using backflush. You will not be able to get the feature of backflushing in all of the espresso machines. This is because it is an espresso machine that has four valves which have this feature. If you have such a machine, you ought to backflush it at least one time a day by using clean water. Likewise, it is important to ensure that you backflush it using a coffee detergent one time in a week. The good thing about backflushing is that you will be able to kill any contaminants that are within the machine.

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