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Why Mulch is Important

In simple terms, mulch is a layer farmers apply on the surface of their farm to boost their farming activities. The points below highlights the importance of using mulch in your farm

Firstly, mulch is important to the growth of plants because it helps to keep the soil moister. Soil moisture is trapped and returned back into the soil in water form by mulch through soil temperature regulation. Mulch help farmers carry on their farming activities even during the time when the amount of rainfall is low. Organic mulch like the alfalfa mulch traps the moist that tries to escape into atmosphere and return it back to the soil.

The second importance of mulch is that it protects the top fertile soil from being eroded by rainwater. Agents of erosion carry away loose top fertile soil leaving behind infertile hard soil. In case topsoil which is rich in mineral and fertility is carried away, the land becomes unproductive to a farmer. It is not possible for any farming in a barren farm because it lacks the necessary ingredients to sustain plants. Top soil can also be eroded by strong wind which blows away the loose soil. It is more difficult to dig a land that has been eroded and hard pan left behind.

The third benefit of using mulch in your farm is that the fertility of the soil is increased. The decomposition of mulch turns the mulch into manure which increases the soil fertility. Compared to inorganic fertilizers, organic manure is very cheap and affordable. When mulch decomposes into manure, the soil acidity is improved which translates to the proper growth of crops in a farm.

Weeds are unable to grow in a farm whose surface has been applied with mulch. When the mulch is laid on the surface of the soil, it reduces the supply of some components necessary for seed germination. Some of the components necessary for germination include air, water, warmth, and minerals. Due to lack of sufficient air, the seeds of weeds are unable to germinate.

Fifthly, mulch is very cheap and affordable to almost all farmers. There is no course for learning how to prepare mulch. Mulch that is sold by various industries are cheap.

Sixth, you can use mulch a way of decorating your farm or land. Decoration by mulch is usually done using river stone. They contain different colors and some are shiny and to add on the beauty of a tree or flowers makes the environment look nice.

Organic mulch does not have negative impacts on the environment. When mulch decompose and become manure, the water retention rate of the soil is improved.

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