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Accessories for Your Action Camera

It’s truly exciting to buy an action camera but, you have to be extra careful as well since you’re not just buying to buy the body, there are lots of awesome features compact inside.

Say that you will be doing a lot of activities involving water, then it just makes sense to invest in a waterproof device or something that can be confined in an external housing. For cycling aficionados who want to record their ride on the go, it’s smart to buy a device that can be mounted easily on the helmet or chest. Similarly, athletes have plenty of requirements but don’t worry because the latest models of action cameras are made with remarkable features to deliver impressive results.

As you see, regardless of what sports or activity you are into, the camera got you covered. It is preferable if you are going partner it with some specified accessories for it, you are bound to make full use of its features.

Number 1. Mounts – now this one basically depends on you because if you plan to buy a camera to shoot while on an adventurous activity, then you probably need something to support and hold it. It is normal among action cameras to be waterproof, be compact and light in weight.

It is pretty basic to find third party accessories for the cameras which vary in quality and price range. Because even with the same shape and design of the camera mounts, still they can vary in price which will be based on quality of materials and price range.

Number 2. Hat and head mounts – with just a handful of top-rated cameras you’ll get a hat and head mounts as an additional accessory when you buy it. But for some basic designs, you might need to buy it separately. The general price range for mounts play above 10 dollars and it is varying on the brand that you’ve chosen.

Number 3. Helmet mounts – this is one of the frequently used kind of mount and very popular for action camera enthusiasts at the same time. These mounts assist the users in mounting their camera on different angles from front, side, back or top of their helmet. These mounts are developed as well to make an easy connection with smooth surfaces and vented helmets. It starts at the same price similar to hat as well as head mounts but becomes more complex on more expensive units.

Number 4. Chest mounts – generally, people not like any shakes that their head and helmet mounts make, for this they go for the chest mounts. With this, you have improved point of view with your cam.

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